• A Girl and
    Her Horse

    A book about life and friendship told through the story of a girl and her horse.

    The book is available to purchase via Amazon.

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    A Girl and Her Horse is an illustrated book about friendship and life, told through the story of a girl and her horse together. I started writing it soon after the death of my dear childhood friend, a friend I met through and bonded with over horses. What started as part of my grieving process soon took on a life of its own and became the book it is today.


    The book is dedicated to my friend, Lauren, and to every girl who has ever loved a horse.


    Proceeds from the book will benefit nonprofits doing work to support the health and mental health of people, with the assistance of horses. There's more about the benefiting organizations below, and if you are or know of an organization doing great work with people, mental health, and horses, that may want to partner with us, please contact me.


    I hope you enjoy the book!





  • Benefiting Nonprofits

    Proceeds will be donated to nonprofits making a positive impact in areas of health and mental health,

    with the assistance of horses. If your organization is interested in benefitting please contact us.

    The current benefiting organizations include...

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